Früh übe sich…

zukünftiger Hartz IV-Empfänger beim Flaschenerwerb

– Die Knaben fangen zeitig an zu sammeln.
– Früh übt sich, wer ein Hartz IV-Empfänger werden wird.
– Ach, wollten Wirtschaft und Politik, erfahren bräuchten sie es nie.

3 Antworten zu “Früh übe sich…

  1. oder für einen 1Euro Job!!

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Eagerly!!

  3. Well, the title is loosely adapted from Friedrich von Schiller‘s play Wilhelm Tell. It has become a famous idiom in German: Früh übt sich, was ein Meister werden will. My translation would be „you better start early in training if you wanna become a pro“.
    Since the introduction of the Flaschenpfand – bottle deposit – it is a common scene in rich Germany that people collect empty bottles from the streets and out of trash bins and bring them back to the supermarket to claim the deposit. Many poor people and families who are without a job or so-called Hartz IV-receivers (evil governmental program to turn citizens into subhumans) do that, but also elderly and old people who cannot survive on their pension alone.
    Here we have a young one who will soon follow into the footsteps of his chain-smoking, pot-bellied, useless loitering parents and therefore starts early in the bring-back-other-people’s-left-overs-business. Sad but true. Kudos to our great politicians. Hail Schröder and Merkel.

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